February 25, 2020
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June 8, 2018
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Gastronomy continues to beat records in tourism
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According to a study prepared by Booking, gastronomy is one of the main reasons for the selection of the tourist destination for most travelers.
Specifically, one in five travelers will choose their destination for food in 2018 and most will seek local food, according to a study carried out among 19,000 travelers from 26 countries.
No less than 41% of respondents want to add more gastronomic destinations to their travel plans next year, a percentage that has risen with respect to the last year, when it was 29%, this shows the importance that is acquiring gastronomy in the sector.

22% of the participants in this survey have planned to visit a specific destination just for their food, and a quarter will actively avoid destinations that do not have a prominent gastronomic attraction.
Local restaurants have a fundamental role in this critical decision about the destination, almost 30% of travelers will consult the opinions of local restaurants to decide on their trip.
Also relevant in this inquest are the street food in destination such as Bangkok (Thailand), Taipei (Taiwan), Hanoi (Vietnam), Istanbul (Turkey) and George Town (Malaysia) that attracts 51% of tourists. In addition, 20% of travelers will seek Michelin-starred restaurants during their holidays.
This is an opportunity to innovate in gastronomy because since 54% of the respondents said that they want to live unique culinary experiences during their holidays.

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