October 27, 2020
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June 13, 2018
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TOP 5: Dried fruits
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If we have already convinced you that the best snack you can have between meals are dried fruits, now we guide you through which is your best option.
We bring you a TOP 5 with the best nuts. As a snack you know that you can consume them directly and the amount of thirty grams is recommended twice a day, here we will show you how to combine it with other foods.
5. Hazelnuts

Hazelnuts are characterized because they prevent us from having degenerative heart diseases. With this type of dried fruit we can make several types of meals, the most demanded are the desserts; so the combination with cocoa will sound good to you. In this link you can see our recipe of Mandarin and hazelnuts cake.
4. Pistachios
Eating pistachios helps us to satisfy our hunger quickly and, as a benefit to health, prevents muscular degeneration. Pistachios serve for many salads combined with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, and also for desserts along with milk, chocolate and fruits. Soon we will tell you how to prepare pistachio ice cream.
3. Almonds
The consumption of almond milk has increased the recognition of this type of dried fruit and it can reduce the level of cholesterol. The direct consumption of almonds or their derivatives is very good for health.
2. Peanuts
Surely you have eaten or heard about peanut butter, it is usually consumed on toast or sandwiches. Peanuts have a great value of nutrients, in addition to providing fiber and vitamins.
1. THE TOP: Nuts
Considered by some as "superfood", one of its main benefits is the protection it gives our hearts. Desserts and salads are the most common way to consume nuts, mixing lettuce, grapes, avocado and nuts you can obtain an exquisite salad to share with your family.
Image credits: Pinterest
Diana Ramírez R.

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