February 25, 2020
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June 25, 2018
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Granola, a healthy option to start the day
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If you still do not know what granola is, you are missing the opportunity to incorporate a simple and delicious way of taking vitamins, cereals and fiber into your diet.

What is granola?
The granola is a mixture of natural foods, not processed: it can be different, or you can prepare it to taste. It usually contains cereals such as oats, dried fruits (nuts, almonds, peanuts), dried or dehydrated fruits (raisins, apples, red fruits ...), seeds (flax, pumpkin), and is usually sweetened with a little honey.

How do you prepare?
We can buy the granola prepared. They usually sell in supermarkets in the breakfast and cereal section. They make it by baking the mixture of cereals, nuts and seeds, and adding a pinch of honey. The texture is like other breakfast cereals. You can make your own mix at home.

Properties of granola
Cereals such as oatmeal or wheat germ offer vitamins A, E, B 1, B 12, phosphorus, phosphatides, albumins, protids and complete carbohydrates. Depending on the specific composition of each granola, the properties vary. Like all integral food, granola contains antioxidants that will help our body to be protected from free radicals that are harmful to our body.

Ideas for eating granola
A classic and delicious way to eat granola is with yogurt. It can be with natural or flavored yogurt. It is a very complete breakfast that provides fiber, vitamins and calcium.
It also combines excellent with milk, as if they were classic cereals.
Another delicious option is to combine it with fruit cut into small pieces.

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