October 27, 2020
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July 10, 2018
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Wine sales grow 20% online from the mobile
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More and more consumers are changing the shopping trolley through the virtual shopping cart that eCommerce offers, a kind of business that is growing more and more in the wine sector. Vinoloa Corporation, company dedicated to the distribution of wine with its own brands, analyzes online purchases in the wine sector.
Sales have increased by 20% from the mobile device, and men aged 30-50 are the ones who buy the most wine through this channel. In Spain, the online sales of wine can be found in large population centers such as big cities such as Madrid or Barcelona, ​​which account for 20% and 14% respectively.
"The wine sector must to adapt to the needs of today's users. Many large wineries have not known how to make a good digital transition and are losing customers. Our company presents a disruptive business model, without its own warehouses, where we eliminate all unnecessary costs so that the consumer can enjoy an excellent wine at a fair price. Online sales are part of our strategy as one of the basic pillars, it allows us to offer our product in a simple and comfortable way", says Antonio Camacho, president of Corporación Vinoloa.

The "peak hours" of the sale are during the meal, from Monday to Thursday. On Sunday afternoon sales also rise because users take advantage of this moment to get the references they have discovered during the weekend.
As for the months of the year with the most sales, until now, the period par excellence to buy and drink wine was Christmas, this trend is changing. Summer is going strong, as many users buy wine before the holidays to consume it during their holidays days.

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