January 16, 2021
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July 18, 2018
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Olive oil and properties
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Olive oil is one of the most characteristic products of Spanish cuisine. Pure liquid gold, winner of innumerable prizes and recognized internationally by experts and critics of the culinary world. Because it comes from the juice of the fruit of the olive tree, it conserves all the nutrients, reason why it is configured like one of the ingredients of the Mediterranean diet that greater benefits present for our health.
It is proven that consuming olive oil helps to level cholesterol, lower blood sugar and reduce hypertension, thanks to monounsaturated fatty acids, oleic acid and high amounts of polyphenols. Food rich in vitamin E, with great antioxidant properties and especially recommended in childhood and during old age.
It is said that a teaspoon of this liquid fasting can be very positive for people who suffer from diabetes, as it helps maintain healthy levels of triglycerides and lower blood glucose. Osteoporosis is another disease in which the intake of this precious product is recommended, in addition, habitual consumption of it contributes to prevent the bone mass from becoming fragile and to strengthen the bones.

A balanced and low-fat diet that includes olive oil can help fight depression and even prevent some types of skin cancer. Finally, and as a home remedy, for those people who snore it is recommended to take a sip of olive oil before going to sleep to lubricate and relax the muscles of the throat.
Writing: Gastronomia.com

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