January 17, 2021
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October 11, 2018
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Can you eat red meat responsibly?
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AHDB has just published a nutritional guide about beef to promote healthy consumption of red meat. It informs about its benefits and nutritional contributions within a balanced diet
Following the edition of its lamb meat nutritional guide in June, AHDB Beef & Lamb has published a guide with messages on healthy properties of beef, to help promote the consumption of red meat within a healthy diet and balanced.
The organization for the sheep and cattle sector in England bases its guidance on research carried out to obtain key messages about nutrition, providing positive information of the introduction of beef in the diet.

According to Susan Morris, Export Manager of AHDB Beef & Lamb "consumers prioritize health when they are buying certain foods. The consumption of red meat is being challenged, through the diffusion of erroneous negative concepts, so it is necessary to make known the benefits that red meat brings when it is introduced in a correct and balanced diet ".

"With the launch of our lamb and beef guides, made originally for the UK market and now translated into Spanish, AHDB wants to show examples of how the consumption of red meat can be promoted correctly among consumers, basing the messages on scientific data on health and nutrition, with a clear language for the consumer ".
This work is part of AHDB's strategy to positively influence and modify consumer understanding and behavior towards red meat. According to Morris: "Nutrition messages should be disseminated in an appropriate manner according to the characteristics of consumers." According to age, for example, there are people more interested in a diet that provides care for aspects such as bone health, mental function or immune support. "

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