February 25, 2020
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December 14, 2018
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Two Mexican Classics – The Chelada & Michelada
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The Chelada and Michelada are two classic Mexican beverages, but do we know the difference between them? From Pikio Taco, a taqueria located in the heart of Gracia in Barcelona, ​​they give us the keys to discover it.
The Michelada is much better known than Chelada (similar to a shandy) and although there are many variants both have common ingredients: beer, lemon juice and salt; always accompanied by ice. In addition, the michelada, includes tabasco, valentina sauce or tomato juice. Both are always prepared in a frosty glass (with the edge moistened with lemon juice to add salt) in which all the ingredients are mixed and lastly the beer is added.
The mixture of beer with lemon juice, ice and the touch of the sauces in the case of michelada provides a refreshing flavor ideal for hot days where we want a little more flavor without giving up a cold beer.

Both chelada and michelada are two essential drinks in Mexico, where the latter is considered an excellent remedy for a hangover or 'raw' as they call it in the Aztec country. The michelada is in fact the Mexican alternative to the Bloody Mary, known for its benefits to overcome the consequences of a night out.
The history of its origin has several versions. The first one points to the city of San Potosí where it is said that one of the members of the Club Deportivo Potosino called Michel Ésper always asked for beer with ice, lemon and hot sauces, something unusual at that time. With time the partners began to ask for a beer like Michel's, baptizing it as “michelada”. Another comes from the blend of words of Mi - Chela - helada. Chela is a known expression for beer in Mexico, as a result Michela translates to “my ice-cold beer”.

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