January 17, 2021
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September 19, 2019
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Tea Time in Ecuador
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It is said that tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world after water, and although in cultures such as Asian and European tea is a fundamental part of its traditions, in other countries its consumption is gradually increasing.
Ecuador is a country that is internationally recognized for its cacao (chocolate and coffee) but now thanks to CETCA (Ecuadorian Tea Company) we are also recognized in this industry since black tea (CTC) from this company was awarded in the Global Tea 2017 Championship.
In Morona Santiago this company has the only crops of Amazonian camellia sinensis, which is the shrub from which tea comes. Tea culture is not as entrenched in Ecuador as it should, but what can be found in Ecuadorian homes is infusions.

These aromatic waters or infusions are nothing more than boiled water with a plant (flower, fruit, essence, etc.) and can be herb, mint, oregano, cinnamon, among others. Due to their medicinal properties, they are taken to cure stomach upset, headaches or nerve problems. The tradition of taking infusions is more present in the mountains and in the Amazon than in the Ecuadorian coast.
There are a variety of teas that include white, black tea that works as an energizer, green that prevents aging and is an antioxidant, oolong and red that serves to purify our intestines. Purple tea is also making a presence in this industry.
The best thing about tea is its versatility that is why there are now blends that are the mixture of pure tea with fruits or flowers and also the ice tea market is increasing more and more.
Other versions of tea in Ecuador are created by the combination of herbs and local fruits such as guayusa or horchata tea.

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