January 16, 2021
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September 23, 2019
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The Golden Pizza
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Pizza is one of the most consumed and well-known fast foods. Whether for its taste, its price or the pleasant memories attached to it, it is one of the most recognized foods of Italian cuisine. The Industry Kitchen restaurant has given this popular dish a twist, topping it with gold and bearing no costs. This is indeed the most glamorous pizza in the world, at $ 2,000.00 a pie.

This exclusive pizza is very far from what we understand as fast food. Neither 2 x1 at home delivery nor the $3.00 corner slice. In fact, if you want to enjoy it you will have to save up or settle for a single piece splurge, at $250.00 a serving.

The responsible creators of this pricey invention are Industry Kitchen, a well-known restaurant in New York. But what makes it so expensive? All of its ingredients are imported and of the highest quality. This decadent pizza is not just the 23-karat edible gold topping. Each bite contains prawns, caviar, lobster, white truffle oil and foie gras. Bon Appetite!

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