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September 30, 2019
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Mistela, a traditional Colombian Drink
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The dishes are not the only stars of Colombian cuisine, a country where you can enjoy several traditional drinks that mark the culture of each one of its regions. We have explored many like panela water, oat and even guarapo (sugar cane juice). Today we go to the liquor aisle to tell you about the famous Mistela.
Although it continues a bit of alcohol it is enjoyed at any time of the day, also considered as a welcome drink, however, it is inevitable in social gatherings and popular parties.
It is a traditional mix of brandy, syrup, spices, fruits, herbs or coffee, its process is simple and therefore giving you freedom to adapt to your liking. This lends itself to varieties like blackberry, orange, marjoram, coffee and tangerine Mistela, it is innovated every day.

The Mistela is enjoyed in several departments of Colombia such as Tolima, Caldas and Huila, in fact, in San Juan (Huila) it is tradition to enjoy it accompanied with a sponge cake. The famous drink of the Andes is sweet and delicious, a sipping drink that is ideal for cocktails.
Diana Ramírez R.
Image credits: My colombian recipes


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