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November 20, 2019
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Cayeye, A Colombian Coast delicacy
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The cayeye, also known as the mote of guineo, is one of the favorite dishes of the inhabitants in the region of Magdalena, Colombia. A combination of flavors from the coast that has enchanted Colombians for generations.
The base of this specialty is a savory mash of green guineos (small green bananas), which have a simple preparation of cooking in hot water with a mix of a variety of ingredients. In its simplest form, it´s served with a local coastal cheese and butter, but, traditionally, you can add an onion Hogao, red paprika, garlic, achiote and tomato.
These traditional dishes of the Caribbean coast of the country are also served with meats and seafood, among its most common companions are fried fish, shrimp, beef, sausages and even crab pulp. There are those who prefer to simply serve it with a fried egg on top and slices of avocado.

The ideal time to enjoy the cayeye is at breakfast as the guineo offers sufficient energy and nutrients necessary to take you through the date. The creamy and smooth dish has a variation called "Cat's Head" that differs from the cayeye with the use of regular green bananas.

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