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December 13, 2019
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Mexico’s Coffee sector on a recovery path
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The recovery of the coffee sector, considered as emblematic of Mexico, progresses significantly and is reflected in the growth that was achieved in two years, going from 2.2 million bags in the period 2015-2106 to three million 800 thousand bags in 2017-2018, as well as a better integration of the production chain.
It is expected that 2019 will reach more than 4.5 million bags of coffee in Mexico, which will be a notable change for the national field after it started from a production of 2.2 million bags, which will benefit the economy of the families that work in this crop.
The coffee production chain has a great social impact due to the over 500 thousand people who work and collaborate in the sector. The sector has a direct impact on up to three million people, so it will work on planting and harvesting issues, projects to add value, and access to international markets.

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