March 2, 2021
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March 2, 2020
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The "Chigüilitos" from Bolivar
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In the province of Bolivar comes a traditional preparation of the "Chigüil",  an elongated corn dough prepared with lard and stuffed with cheese wrapped in a banana or corn leaf.

The recipe of chigüil has passed from generation to generation without modifications, it is said that it was born in Guaranda, although other cantons consider it, a typical dish. The origin dates back to pre-Hispanic times but then, during the colony, cheese was added.

This dish is a gastronomic legacy of the indigenous culture that has been advancing over time and is still enjoyed today. The ideal time to prepare it is in February and March when the corn is tender and usually served with a hot cup of coffee.

Many people say that the name "chigüil" refers to their wrapping as it resembles the way they wrapped newborns and these were called "guagu chigüis" or "chigüilitos". 

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