Gourmet products boom

Gourmet products boom

The segment of gourmet foods is one of the few categories that were not affected by the stagnation of consumption, this is because the demand for premium products remains stable.

According to the Indec, during the first four months of the year, foreign purchases of food and beverages increased 33.6%, quadrupling the increase in total imports.

According to experts in all channels there is a sustained demand, especially in areas that are now very competitive in prices, such as beers or chocolates. Far from having massive demand, premium or imported products are destined to a segment that is inclined to novelties, quality and distinction of products but the price isn´t an important variable. In some moments due to the economic situation, the market may open up but it does not become widespread.

Today, after so much time with the closed market, there is a consumer very eager to buy this type of products. According to the referents of this sector there is much interest in the new income of products from outside but this is not incompatible with local premium products, there is also room for them.

Aiming at millennials, adding new proposals as exclusive branches of sandwiches with the possibility of self-service are the variants that are evaluated and could be a trend.


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