Cacao represents much more than a product for Ecuadorians, it represents identity, culture, heritage, development and a historical legacy.  

If we have already convinced you that the best snack you can have between meals are dried fruits, now we guide you through which is your best option.  

The delectable croissant, perfect with jams, chocolates and creams, is also the ideal companion to sausages, cheeses and smoked products; excellent for breakfast and the most tempting to snack on, so it is no wonder that...  

In the past few years, many health reports have focused on “super-foods’ and the many healing properties of one in particular - Kombucha.  

Colombia is a diverse country not only because of its well-known typical dishes but also the fruits and vegetables that are native to this lush land.  

Chilhuacle chiles ("old chile" in Nahuatl) is a variety of chile belonging to the Capsicum annuum family.  

Ecuador is an incredibly biodiverse and multicultural country and its gastronomy is a reflection of this. Each region prepares its most traditional dishes based on its closest products, thus creating its own combinations...  

The EVOOLEUM 2019 Guide crowns the Italian Monini Monocultivar Coratina as the best extra virgin olive oil in the world, followed by the Cordovan Hojiblanco Rincón de la Subbética and Jiennense Oro Bailén Picual Family R...  

Ginger is a plant of the Zingiberáceas family. The rhizome (underground stem) is used as a condiment and also as a medicine. It can be used fresh, dried and powdered or as juice or oil.  

Journalists from New York City have recently discovered the immense possibilities of Olive Oils at the hands of chef Seamus Mullen.  

The Garam Masala is a mixture of spices characteristic of Indian cuisine, although it is also used in other Asian countries.  

Anyone who follows a healthy lifestyle should know that artichokes are one of the key foods of all diets  

If you like to drink sparkling water, you should know that it is a beverage with many health benefits. We tell you everything you need to know about her so you can drink it with ease.  

Chia seeds have been grown in Mexico for centuries. Chia is soaked in water or added to juices and fresh water as part of the diet in many regions of the country.  

The sweet potato is a characteristic tuber for its sweet taste. It is a product that is used mainly to prepare desserts, although it is increasing its presence in salty dishes.  

Orange is a citrus and fleshy fruit, rich not only in Vitamin C but also in Vitamins A, B and G; with a high content of minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, iron or magnesium; with carbohydrates and fiber.