How to know what products are preferred by consumers?

How to know what products are preferred by consumers?

The diversity and different qualities of food products sometimes involves a dilemma in the decision of the consumer at the time of purchase. The great diversity in offer and price of the products in the supermarket shelves are not indicative enough to know if the food or drink that we acquire will be within our expectations.

To help us make the right choice is born Gastro Quality Taste, a new seal that measures the acceptance of a product by the final consumer.

Through a methodology developed by AENOR, this mark measures whether a product is accepted to a high degree by consumers based on its organoleptic qualities (taste, smell, texture, appearance and overall assessment), that is, if at the highest part of consumers like it and consider it a good buy. The high certification requirements guarantee the premium characteristics of the products with the brand.

To achieve the seal of Gastro Quality Taste, the products are subjected to exhaustive diagnoses under the strictest sensory parameters in AENOR Laboratorio, through blind tastings of consumers, in which they analyze the different qualities of the products. After a statistical treatment of the responses of consumers, the final results are obtained.

The products must reach the required scores to be covered under the seal. Obtaining the seal is for the products to be recognized as an option that has the positive opinion of consumers, based on a neutral and rigorous methodology.

The seal was presented in Madrid by Juan Silva Michelena, General Director of Gastro Quality, and Pablo de Vicente, Director of AENOR Laboratorio. The first products that will obtain the Gastro Quality Taste seal are already being tested. Wines, oils or preserves are some of them, and we can find them in the next few months on the store shelves.


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