Why is honey so healthy?

Why is honey so healthy?

With an intense golden color and a sweet flavor, this food is included in the delights of the sweetest of the house. Luckily, it is much more than a sweet food and is configured as a nutritious and healthy option that can accompany a lot of recipes.

According to a study by the University of Illinois consuming this food reduces cholesterol and therefore, the chances of suffering diseases of the circulatory system.

On the other hand, its intake will be very beneficial for those who have problems to go to the bathroom or suffer fluid retention because it has laxative effects.

It can also boast of being antiseptic, with substances that fight against bacteria.

In addition, it provides energy, honey is hydrocarbon, so it is formed by hydrogen, carbon and oxygen.

On the other hand, it also highlights for its healing properties, so it can be a good compound for creams or other substances for the skin.

It will be an excellent choice after the Summer or Christmas excesses, because it helps to detoxify the organism, honey stimulates the hepatic metabolism.

As a curiosity, it was also used outside the kitchen by the Egyptians during the process of mummification.

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