Things you should know about yogurts

Things you should know about yogurts

Yogurt is one of the most common and versatile foods, whether to be consumed as a snack, as a dessert or in the kitchen, and has become a staple food. However, as with all popular foods for daily consumption, their nutritional benefits are not completely known, and myths emerge around them.

It is good to take yogurt if you are taking antibiotics

The classic English saying "An apple a day keeps the doctor away" could well be extrapolated to yogurts. And, when the cold arrives, colds and flu appear, which tends to take antibiotics to cure these diseases. These act against the bacteria that cause infections in an aggressive way, so we must take extra precautions to prepare the body for its effects. By attacking harmful bacteria, antibiotics can also collaterally eliminate good bacteria for the balance of the intestinal flora. The consumption of yogurt, for its content in healthy bacteria, helps to recover and protect the intestine during and after the consumption of antibiotics.

The great companion of light digestions

There are foods or foods that are a classic producing heavy digestions, however, yoghurts are on the opposite side. This food helps to make the digestive process as light as possible thanks to its high content of bacteria and essential nutrients. In addition, lactose-free yogurts help to achieve the flat belly effect, since they avoid the organism's job of eliminating the natural sugar in milk.

Radiant skin

Yogurts provide great benefits for the skin. First, they contain the dose of essential proteins to keep the skin firm, and away from wrinkles. Secondly, the anti-inflammatory power of probiotics (beneficial bacteria contained in yoghurts, and naturally in our body) relieves tensions that affect the skin and can cause acne. In addition, consuming yogurts prevents the appearance of wrinkles, strengthening the skin and hydrating it.

The toppings, with magnifying glass

Yogurts in a bowl laden with toppings are fashionable. However, we must be careful with the toppings we add and avoid falling into temptations. If the goal is to include a supplement for yogurt that is satiating and not gain weight, it is best to accompany the natural yoghurts with muesli, seasonal fruits or nuts. If chocolate is added, it should be pure and sugar-free, and if something crunchy is used, it should be oatmeal or whole grains, and not biscuits.



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