#Instafood: The latest recipe that rules social media

#Instafood: The latest recipe that rules social media

The success of food in the Instagram world is indisputable, the hashtag #instafood already holds more than 130 million publications. The most Instagrammable crave-worthy foods have become the superstars of Instagram and with them, new ways of cooking have emerged.

These recipes and methods are adapted, not only to the likes of Instagram users, but also to our lifestyles in which free time is limited and there is a greater awareness on healthy eating. We review some of the most successful techniques.

The technique of the 'one-pot'

No need to define it, it’s simple, use one casserole to prepare a meal. The technique of the 'one-pot' aims not only to spend less time cleaning up, but also to prepare delicious and savory dishes in a short time while maintaining all the flavor. When cooking the ingredients together, the flavors intensify and infuse each other in a unique way, unlike when each one is prepared separately.

The mythical avocado toast

Versatile, with a high content of beneficial fats and with great antioxidant properties, avocado became fashionable thanks to its presence on Instagram. The most instagrammable food finds its natural habitat on toast: essential carbohydrates, avocado as a healthy fat and toppings such as feta cheese, tomatoes or a poached egg to complete a satisfying and nutritious breakfast or snack.

'Meal Prep' weekly

Homemade food is much healthier than eating out: the quantities and above all, the ingredients are carefully selected. However, considering the lack of time available in our daily lives this becomes a difficult task. With these factors in mind, the ‘meal prep’ was created, which aims to save time and results in a satisfying and wholesome meal. The Concept: cook one day of the week and have healthy and effortless meals at your fingertips for the following five days. The Key? Reserve a day of the week (for example on Sundays), prepare a starch base and incorporate a meat or fish accompanied by different vegetables and sauces. Place it in five air-tight containers and that's it.

Smoothie Bowl

Another classic of Instagram: the smoothie bowl. The perfect combination between healthy and a picturesque breakfast. The smoothie bowl contains more fruit and is less liquid than a typical smoothie, since frozen fruit and yogurts are used in more quantity, giving it satiating properties. In addition, it is the perfect canvas to incorporate healthy toppings, and mix different fruits, flavors and textures. In short, smoothie bowls are perfect when it comes to bringing together healthy foods that are otherwise more difficult to include in a weekly menu.



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