A Fusion of Cultures: “Lomo Salteado”

A Fusion of Cultures: “Lomo Salteado”

A number of classical Peruvian dishes have not been solely conceived from Peruvian kitchens, as in the case of today’s feature.Lomo Salteadois based on a combination of ribbons of fried beef with onions and tomatoes and always accompanied with a double dose of carbs, french fries and rice.

In the mid-19th century, the first wave of immigrants arrived from China to work on the haciendas (large estates) along the Peruvian coast, bringing with them their culinary customs and known techniques such as sautéing. Lomo Salteado is born from the fusion of this oriental culture and the Peruvian one, in fact, from the fusion of two dishes: the loin a la chorrillana and the loin of beef that were prepared in the chifas (oriental food restaurants).

At present, it is one of the favorites of diners and one of the treasures of Peruvian cuisine, its ingredients vary depending on the region where it is prepared and the palates of each person. However, the Peruvian touch is unmistakable, using the yellow pepper that is known in many other emblematic dishes such as huancaína potatoes.

The original recipe dictates that is should be made with beef, although you could also substitute with pork or chicken. The ingredients are combined and sautéed in a wok or large pan with a little oil. It is served very often in Peruvian homes and offered in many restaurants.

Diana Ramírez R.

Image Credits: Que rica vida


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