Flavors of the Sea: Colombian Seafood Casserole

Flavors of the Sea: Colombian Seafood Casserole

Colombia is a fortunate country as it borders on two separate oceans, the Pacific and the Atlantic, this location allows them to enjoy a multitude of seafood which is used in its local gastronomy.

Colombians take advantage of this assortment of fish every day in preparing the most exquisite dishes from the sea with a distinctive touch, one of them, the famous seafood casserole. This seafood soup which in other countries is known as Seven Seas Soup, is a badge of the Colombian coast much desired by national and international tourists alike.

The specialty of costeños consists of a coconut milk-based soup, which when its combined with an assortment of seafood such as fish, shrimp, squid, mussels, octopus and lobster, the results are a unique and flavorful dish. Its preparation can vary in some regions of the country, adding vegetables and spices and accompanying it with a portion of rice, salad, fried potatoes or patacones.

The seafood casserole has won the heart of the entire country and can be found in several restaurants nationwide, in homes it is usually prepared on special occasions and if it is with fresh seafood, much better!

Diana Ramírez R.


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