Seasonal Fruit: Curuba!

Seasonal Fruit: Curuba!

Colombia is a diverse country not only because of its well-known typical dishes but also the fruits and vegetables that are native to this lush land. We mostly think of tropical fruits like Bananas, Oranges, Melons and Papaya, but outside of the these there are many to be discovered. One of these is the very popular, Curuba also known at the Banana Passion fruit.

A tropical fruit that has the appearance of a banana on the exterior and nearly identical to the Passion fruit on the inside.  

Its origin derives from the Andes and therefore grows in cold temperature areas in much of the country. To describe it, one would say its shape is an elongated berry that has a sweet, seedy pulp that’s incredibly delicious and refreshing.

The Curuba is most likely a fruit you've never heard of outside of Colombia, but for Colombians its very well-known and enjoyed throughout the country. It’s used in many juice and milk beverages for its invigorating qualities. It also has a slight acid touch therefore used in the preparation of gelatin, ice-cream and desserts.

Besides its’ exquisite taste, it has many beneficial properties such as vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, iron, fiber, a high-water content and it works as a natural diuretic; To obtain all its benefits, it is recommended to consume it directly. The good news is that you can get this fruit all year round in Colombia and you can also enjoy it in countries like Ecuador, Bolivia and Peru.


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