Valladolid, Spain reinforces its Enotourism

Valladolid, Spain reinforces its Enotourism

In the past 20 years wine tourism has been an essential leading factor for the province of Valladolid, Spain. In celebration of this milestone it launched the Provincial Wine Museum in the Peñafiel Castle, making it the flagship of wine tourism.  The increase in visitors has been exponential and not only for the quality of their wines, but for the involvement of the winemakers and the tourism entrepreneurs and municipalities that extended these visits to other cultural, historical, nature and gastronomy areas.

A promotion created and approved by the City Council throughout the week at FITUR, where it has also renewed the agreement with RENFE to develop the Wine Train, which last year saw an increased in travelers to the province.

As in the 2018 edition, Renfe will offer 52 seats on the AVANT trains that depart from the Madrid Chamartín station on Saturdays at 10:15 am with arrival in Valladolid at 11:00 am and returning in the evening.

The price of the package is 99 euros ($112.00 USD) and includes round trip ticket, narrated information throughout the trip, transfer by bus to the wineries which include visit, tastings and lunch, as well as a series of complimentary additional visits specifically catered to each program.

A path that began last year with the launch of the “Wine Passport”, a promotional tool coordinated with the three Wine Routes of the province of Valladolid, whose objective is to reward the visit of the ecotourist who manages to "seal" their Passport in at least four different tourist experiences.

The Cigales Wine Route presents the "Twelve Months to Surprise" campaign, a marketing calendar of experiences that will be developed throughout 2019, including the inauguration of the Fuensaldaña Castle, the presentation of the "Roots of Wine" project linked to the industrial tourism that will highlight the winery neighborhoods, the Castillo Encantado de Trigueros del Valle, the Aula de las Abejas del Cerrato in Valoria la Buena, the Senderos del Clarete, the MICE tourism, the III BTT "Ruta del Vino de Cigales" or the gastronomic days "Tierra de Cigales", among others. All these activities are based on five fundamental pillars: accessible tourism, family, nature, industrial and business marketing.

Ribera Wine Route aims to convert the visitor into a “Brand Ambassador” through promotional events and conferences that take place throughout the year on strategic dates such as Holy Week, Long Weekends and the Wine harvest.

Among the highlights of events, the Ribera Wine Route hosts the Indie music festival "Sonorama Ribera". It will also continue to support the European “Day of Enotourism” and generate links with areas influenced by wine tourism abroad with the objective to boost tourism.

Rueda Wine Route exposes an ambitious program resulting from months of work between all partners with the aim of promoting economic and wine tourism in the territory of the Rueda, favoring the marketing of wine tourism products and services and stimulating the mutual cooperation between businesses and tourism entities of the territory.


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