Celebrate International Croissant Day – January 30

Celebrate International Croissant Day – January 30

The delectable croissant, perfect with jams, chocolates and creams, is also the ideal companion to sausages, cheeses and smoked products; excellent for breakfast and the most tempting to snack on, so it is no wonder that this unique pastry has its own day on the calendar: January 30. We review their secrets with the baker Moncho López.

The croissant looks like a piece of pastries without much pretension, no fillings, no exotic ingredients, no complex shapes or elaborate finishes, but it may be precisely in that simplicity where the key to its success lies: "On the one hand it is a very simple recipe but at the same time very complicated. It seems effortless, but in reality, it is not easy to get a puff pastry with the perfect point of flakiness in all its layers "- says Moncho López, alma mater bakeries Mother Yeast.

The croissant is made with butter, lots of it but it is precisely thanks to those layers that Moncho says: "it does not become heavy neither to eat nor to digest, it is light and airy and therefore it is apt to consume at any age and almost at any time". It is not too heavy and goes great with both coffee and fruit juices: "It has the perfect balance between sweet and savory" - he tells us.

There is also the sensorial experience that involves noticing "the crunch in each of its layers”. Thanks to this is the piece of pastry most demanded without a doubt, and adds: "without it, brunches, breakfasts and even snacks, would not be the same”. The unmistakable combination of mouthwatering flakiness and the airy buttery body is perfection.


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