June 29, 2022
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February 6, 2019
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The Bread Route
Lucullus - French Gastronomic Association in Argentina - is a non-profit association that was created in early 2010, with a goal to unite French gastronomy professionals in Argentina and promote French savoir-faire through educational events and open to the public. On this occasion, and framed around the week of the French Revolution, the association created the "The Bread Route".
With the upsurge of bakeries with a French Quality Stamp, the production of bread with sourdough and the success of refined pastry shops, high-quality French gastronomy is increasingly present in Buenos Aires. With this purpose, the Ruta del Pan was inaugurated, a gourmet tour focused on French artisanal bakeries and bakeries.
Throughout the different neighborhoods, you can discover a selection of places where we will present the showcased product of each location to allow for careful planning of your gastronomic journey.

In the first year there was 8 locations: traditional bakeries and local gastronomy that offered a bakery/pastry item from Microcentro to Belgrano passing through Recoleta, Retiro and Palermo. It will be the perfect occasion to explore a multitude of products from the traditional and well-known viennoiseries and macarons, as well as discover the lesser-known sweet meats such as the pithiviers de frangipane or original bread-making such asfougasse.
Some of the must-try delights: the pithiviers of L'épi boulangerie, the macarons with milk sweet of Laban pastry, the fougasse of Cocu, pains aux raisins of Gourmand food hall, frenchie chocolatine and the almond croissant of Meli Melo .

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